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    Pressure Reducing Valves to Energy!

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    How Much Steam Energy are you Wasting Right Now?

    Most Industrial Plants, Institutions and Commercial facilities process steam for in-house heating or other requirements. However, in many applitions the full potential of the boiler is being under-utilized and thus signifint energy is WASTED, potentially costing the organization millions. Typilly, high pressure steam is “let-down” across PRV’s and in some ses excess steam is vented/wasted. A Steam turbine n serve the same function as a PRV, AND pture the otherwise wasted energy to generate power for an organization. Steam turbines n also be used as drivers to replace electric motors.

    Welcome to Energy Recovery!
    Our benefits

    Why Choose Us


    At Energy Recovery we offer steam turbine technologies to both function as a PRV while also harnessing this previously lost energy potential.?

    Business Strategy

    We offer unique steam recovery technologies to improve your operation’s efficiency and avoid wasting valuable steam energy.?


    Costumer Service

    We are with you every step of the way in planning your steam recovery applition in addition to offering quality post commissioning support

    Quality Products

    Our products are trusted in the industry and are of exceptional quality built to last.?